Welcome, I'm Erin. I'm glad you're here!

My favorite things are the simple pleasures, spending time outdoors, exploring rocky coves and intriguing tide pools, pretty flowers and family time.

When I’m not enjoying family life, you’ll find me immersed in my work, reveling in a world of daydreams. It felt like a creative career always called me, from a young age I had desire for an outlet that would allow me to make things with meaning. My days are filled with artistic expression and experimentation of colors and mediums, applying new techniques and ideas to see how they inspire one another. 

Beautiful things have always given me joy, bringing them to life with my bare hands is where I’m in my element. Molding, mixing and manipulating the clay to create something incredible and memorable. Something wildly romantic with a touch of decadence and a dash of drama. Workmanship combined with wonder. 

This is where I'll be.

I want to invite you to follow along with me on Instagram. See behind the scenes and inside my studio. I'd love to meet you there and share my latest happenings.